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Help Desk


The Information Technology (IT) Department of the Greene County School District is committed to providing you with the very best tech support possible. We now have two choices available for Helpdesk Support. The first is our Instant Helpdesk. This choice allows you to connect instantly with one our tech support staff and have them remotely assist you. The second option is our Online Helpdesk. This option allows you to submit a work order request that can be tracked and managed online by available tech support.


Examples: Software Issues,, Accelerated Programs, MSIS, computer errors, and some internet connection issues.  Basically it is any issue that can be resolved quickly and remotely.

Connect instantly with our on-call representative by going to https://support.greene.k12.ms.us/


Click here to submit a Tech Support Request.  Use your email to log in and create your HelpDesk Ticket.   Examples:  Hardware Issues, Internet Connection Issues, Quote Request, Unblock Websites Request, Novell and Groupwise Account Issues, or ANY other type of Tech Request.


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