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To visit a schools' site, simply click on the school name.

Greene County High School

Scott Bray, Principal
Ricky Dickson, Assistant Principal

4336 High School Road
Leakesville, MS 39451-9801
Phone:  (601) 394-5290
Fax:       (601) 394-4878

Greene County Vocational-Technical School

      Lesha Lott, Director

173 Vo-tech Road
Leakesville, MS 39451-9512
Phone:  (601) 394-2973
Fax:      (601) 394-5953

Leakesville Elementary School

Shalonda Hollingsworth, Principal

175 Annex Road
Leakesville, MS 39451-1299
Phone: (601) 394-2493
Fax:  (601) 394-5548

Leakesville Junior High School

Monica Edwards, Principal

620 Main Street
Leakesville, MS 39451-1479
Phone:  (601) 394-2495
Fax:      (601) 394-5690

McLain Attendance Center

Jennifer R. Pulliam, Principal

300 Shows St/198 Bypass
Mclain, MS 39456
Phone:  (601) 753-2257
Fax:       (601) 753-2257

Sand Hill Attendance Center

Angela Jones, Principal

39455 Hwy 63 N
Richton, MS 39476
Phone:  (601) 989-2021
Fax:       (601) 989-2022
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