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No reputable company or tech support department will ask you to provide your username, password, social security number or other sensitive information in an e-mail. Also, never click on Web links within unsolicited e-mail.

Protect your workspace:
At any given moment, your desk may have memos or documents that contain sensitive or confidential information or you might have classified information displayed on your computer monitor. Be aware of who is nearby, and secure information assets by locking your PC before you leave your desk.

It's probably a hoax:
Any e-mail message from a friend or family member claiming to be urgent news that you should distribute around the world is almost definitely a hoax. To verify, you can check the information on a site like www.snopes.com. However, even if it is legitimate, you should not use district resources to forward spam messages on to your friends and family. Do not use district resources to forward spam.

Don't open attachments:
Unless you are 100% sure of whom the e-mail came from and what the attachment contains, do not open or execute an e-mail file attachment.

Keep your virus detection device turned on:
Antivirus scanning is only effective if it is turned on. Do not disable or deactivate your antivirus scanning engine. If you receive a message or think that your antivirus is not working, please notify your tech coach immediately.

Do not install unapproved software:
Even if software is free, it is not always free for use on district machines. Downloading software from the Internet is a primary source of viruses, spyware and Trojans, and even legitimate software may not be compatible with other software on your computer and could cause conflicts.

When in doubt, contact tech support: It is better to contact the tech department to check it out than to be the root cause of a virus infection that takes down the district network. If you are suspicious of something or something just seems weird, contact your tech coach.

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